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It gets hot in the summer, and sometimes using our AC units and other appliances makes for a high electric bill, which gets expensive, fast. If your bill is really high, you might consider calling an electrician to check on the efficiency of all your appliances. However,  our electrical contractors here at SmarTech, your local electrical company, also have some power saving tips for you this summer, to help you lower your carbon footprint,and save some cash!

So how can you reduce your summer electricity bill? 

Turn of the lights 

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the long bright days. Open up all your curtains and do work close to the window where you do not need artificial lighting. 

Make the switch to LED lights 

LED light bulbs are much more efficient than traditional ones and can save you a lot on your power bill. 

Manage your AC unit 

First things first, make sure your AC unit is not running colder than it needs to be. If you need to put on a sweater inside, consider turning it down. You can also turn your AC off at night, or down a few degrees, when it is cooler. Additionally, making sure your AC unit is properly maintained and cleaned will help it to use less energy. 

Improve air circulation in your home 

You can also use your AC less by improving circulation in your home, especially at night. Opening some windows and using ceiling or standing fans can help to cool down your home at a fraction of the cost. 

Block out harsh sunlight

You can use curtains, modern window technology, or best of all, trees and vine plants to help block some of the sun’s rays from entering your windows and heating up your home.

Get outside more often 

We should all take advantage of the beautiful weather and do more outdoor activities. This way we do not use electricity at all during these hours outdoors. 

There are many ways to use less energy this summer, and we hope that these tips were helpful for you to save both energy and money this summer. Try them out, and see how your power bill comes next month with a much better number! As well, when you need an electric technician, for any electrical services, from installation to repair, give SmarTech a call.