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Power outages can occur for any number of reasons, from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and snowstorms, to accidents and malfunctions.  It is important to be prepared in moments such as these with some form of alternative energy source. Generators are an excellent option for backup electricity.  However, it is crucial to ensure frequent generator maintenance in order to guarantee business continuity.  If regular maintenance is not performed, one might as well not even have a generator at all as the likelihood of failure is high.

No matter your business, electricity is a vital component for continual use of refrigeration, IT systems, production tools, etc.  The loss of electricity translates directly into loss of profits and productivity.  Generators are an excellent solution to this problem but should be installed and serviced by licensed electrical contractors and local electricians only.  There are a number of important reasons to invest in regular generator maintenance such as fuel issue prevention, business operations continuity, return-on-investment, loss minimization, improved generator efficiency.  First of all, generator maintenance can prevent varied fuel issues.  It is possible for fuel injectors to clog, for algae to build up in the fuel system, and even batteries may die, not to mention the fire risk also related to fuel issues.  Regular maintenance by a license electrician leads to a better functioning generator that is ready to go when you need it most.  A generator is not an inexpensive purchase and you can guarantee the best return on your investment by having an electrician perform regular maintenance.  Routinely serviced generators tend to last significantly longer.  Although at times it may seem expensive and frivolous to pay a licensed electrician to maintain a generator, the savings over a generator’s lifetime are great, especially when expensive repairs can be prevented.  Maintenance also improves generator efficiency by the inspection, cleaning, and testing of a generator.

If you already have a generator but have not been consistent in its maintenance, it is not too late.  A licensed electrician can easily service your generator.  Not only that, but our electrical contractors can also assist you in all things generator-related, from installation to maintenance to repairs, we have you covered with any and all of your commercial and industrial electrical needs.