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When you are ready for a new outdoor light installation, whether it is for a new home, or an upgrade, there are a few things that you should consider before going ahead with the installation. Here are the 4 most important aspects of outdoor lighting: 

Choosing the right fixtures

Your light fixtures should, first off. Be the right size for your home and property. Making sure they aren’t too small so as to be invisible, nor too large that they take away from the other beautiful elements of your home. As well, your fixtures might not be very visible at night, but during the day they are an accent to your home’s exterior, so make sure you pick some that goes with the overall aesthetic of your home. Ask your local electrical company if they have a designer that can help if you need a second opinion. 


When planning for outdoor lighting you should consider durability even more than indoor lights. First, make sure to install LED lights, which use less power and last much longer, meaning you won’t have to get the ladder out as often to change them. 

As well, the fixtures you choose will have to stand up to the elements, so make sure any fixtures you select are built specifically for the outdoors before the electrical contractors come to install them on your home. 

Areas to Install Outdoor Lights

Your outdoor lights are installed for safety and security, but can also accent the most attractive parts of your home. You should consider which areas need light for you to move around safely at night and are the most beautiful and should be lit up for extra curb appeal. 

Choosing the Right Electrician

When it comes to electrical services, you want to be sure you can trust that the electrical company will install lights effectively and safely! For an experienced team of electrical contractors, get in touch with the experts at SmarTech today. For all things indoor and outdoor lighting, we are happy to offer the highest-quality electrical services, no matter the job.