Laptop repairs are more expensive than desktop PC repairs. The reason is that most basement geeks are very proficient with desktops and laptop repairs are seriously lacking. Desktop components are cheap and easily accessible, laptop components are not. In other words, laptop repairs require more knowledge than desktop PC repairs because they are more complex.

How can I locate computer repair businesses that are trustworthy?
Finding a reputable computer repair business can be difficult, because there are a lot of basement geeks who aren’t certified. I suggest weeding out your options with these three hard rules:

First, you should avoid companies that are less than five years old. Newer businesses typically make their mistakes within the first five years, and they may not be certified computer repair experts.

Second, do not choose a computer repair company that cannot provide proof of having at least one certified PC technician. This is a good tip because most basement geeks have never taken any type of certification examination.

Third, follow your instincts about a shop. If you go to a computer repair store and don’t feel comfortable with the technicians, find another shop. As human beings, we have an innate ability to sense when something is wrong or off; trust that instinct.

Can you find a list of the “best computer repair” businesses?
Thousands of lists with the “best computer repairs” exist online. Beware: These lists are not free. As a reputable PC & laptop repair Inverness shop, ZOMBIE TECHS has always rejected an offered paid spot on these lists; we believe that a reputation for the highest quality service shouldn’t be bought–it should be achieved.